[Setup Videos] The management of Omada EAPs

Released On: 2018-12-29 02:18:18Last update time: 2018-12-29 02:19:10

To help TP-Link users understand how to manage Omada EAPs, we produced several go-to videos.


  • There are many ways to manage EAPs including using Omada Controller software and Cloud Controller (OC200) and Omada App. This video will introduce how to choose the optimum method to manage TP-Link EAPs in your scenario.

  • If you have a relatively small-sized wireless network and only one or just a small number of EAPs need to be managed, configuring the EAP single by the web browser on its own management web page is recommended.

  • OC200 is a hardware Omada Cloud Controller, which is running with a built-in software controller. OC200 can manage multiple EAPs centrally just as the software controller does. The difference is that the software controller needs to run in a management host, which is unnecessary for OC200. To remove your confusion about how to configure the OC200, the following videos give the way of setting up the OC200 via a web browser and a mobile phone.

This video will demonstrate how to set up the OC200 via a web browser.

This video will demonstrate how to set up the OC200 via your mobile phone.

  • Cloud Access is a new feature added to Omada Controller which manage the EAPs remotely. To understand how to use Omada Cloud Service, you can refer to the following video.

More videos about managing EAPs via Omada App and OC200 will be published in the near future, which will introduce all the management methods. You are welcome to leave your suggestions for new videos in the post to improve our work.

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