Video Tutorial - How to Set Up the Whole Network of Gateway, Switches, and EAPs Using Omada SDN Controller

Released On: 2022-06-28 06:02:41Last update time: 2022-09-07 09:45:33


In this video, we introduce how to do a full configuration with TP-Link Omada products including Gateway, Switches and EAPs.

As an example, we are going to build the wired and wireless networks from scratch at our TP-Link Office. Time Stamps:

0:00 Introduction to Omada SDN Solution

0:41 The Scenario and Requirements

2:33 Overview of Configuration Steps

3:05 Log in to the Controller

5:53 Adopt Devices

6:35 View Dashboard and Menus

7:14 Set up WAN

8:10 Set up LAN and VLANs

16:04 Set up Wi-Fi

18:48 Set up ACL


Video Tutorial