FAQs Summary - Omada SDN Related

Released On: 2022-09-27 04:41:36Last update time: 2023-02-21 06:28:10


Need help with Omada SDN? Want to know some examples about how to use a specific function?

Here are some frequently used materials to help you get started with Omada SDN effectively!


Getting Started


A Quick Overview of EAP Management Methods


Frequently asked questions of Omada SDN solution related to upgrading and management


How to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Omada SDN Controller on Windows


What to do if you cannot find the page of Omada SDN Controller




How to adopt EAP in Controller Mode


What should I do when the Omada Software Controller (V4) fails to discover the devices


What should I do when the Omada Controller (V4) fails to adopt the devices


How to manage Omada devices at different sites across Internet using Omada Controller


How to add an Omada Gateway to the network?(Controller 4.3.5 or below)


Which ports do Omada SDN Controller and Omada Discovery Utility use? (above Controller 5.0.15)


Configure the Network


How to configure Multi-Networks & Multi-SSIDs on Omada SDN Controller


How to set up DHCP reservation for clients on Omada Gateway in Controller mode


How to configure URL blacklist or whitelist using Omada Controller's URL Filtering feature


Spanning Tree Configuration on Omada SDN Controller Mode


PPSK Configuration Guide




How to Set up PPTP & L2TP VPN Server with Omada Gateway in Controller Mode


How to establish an SSL VPN Server by Omada Router in Controller mode?(Controller V5.4 or Above)




How to configure the portal function on Omada Controller


How to Configure Voucher Authentication on Omada Controller


How to import your customized portal web page to Omada Controller


Controller Migration and Upgrading


How to migrate the configuration files from Omada Software Controller into OC200


Guidance and precautions for the upgrade and data migration of Omada Controller/OC200


Frequently asked questions of Omada SDN solution related to upgrading and management


Mail Server


Why we need to configure mail server on Omada SDN controller before adding cloud user and email log