FAQs Summary - Omada Router Setup in Standalone Mode

Released On: 2022-11-02 14:23:43Last update time: 2022-12-21 07:09:34


Here are the FAQs that can help you understand and deploy the Omada Router in Standalone mode.


Accessing the Router via Standalone

How to setup your SafeStream router in standalone mode


How to use the Emergency Mode to recovery the firmware for Omada Gateways


The difference between Standalone mode and Controller mode of Business router



How to set up router on a stick with Omada gateway and L2 switch


How to create multi networks and manage network behavior with ACL on Omada Gateway in standalone mode


Link Backup

How to configure Link Backup on Dual WAN Router using the new GUI


Why failing to achieve bandwidth aggregation of multiple WAN ports by Speedtest on SMB router


How to configure WOL (Wake On LAN) on TP-Link SafeStream Router using the new GUI



How to connect to Omada Router using IKEv2 VPN of Android/iOS


How to establish a PPTP Server by Omada Gateway in Standalone mode


How to establish an L2TP Server by Omada Gateway in Standalone mode


How to configure IPSec LAN to LAN VPN for multiple subnets using the new GUI?


How to configure PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN Client to access peer server through site-to-site VPN using business router


What to do if you want to access the Internet with the local gateway rather than the PPTP/L2TP VPN Server


VPN Troubleshooting

Why my Windows PC cannot connect to TP-Link L2TP VPN server?


What to do if you cannot access the remote network through Client-to-LAN/Site VPN tunnel?


Why can’t my Mac access the remote network after connecting to the VPN server of the Omada Gateway?


Access Control

How to set up access rules for TP-Link SMB router?


How to limit specific IP to access to internal server by TP-LINK SMB router?


How to implement VLAN unidirectional access through ACL configuration of Business Router?


How to configure MAC Filtering on TP-Link SMB Routers (New UI)


Behavior Control

How to configure Session Limit and Bandwidth Control to control traffic on SafeStream routers using the new GUI?


How to configure Web Filtering (blocking) on TP-Link SafeStream Routers using the new GUI?



How to set up Port Forwarding feature on TP-Link SMB Router (new UI)?


Why virtual server (port forwarding) feature is not working on your TP-Link Business router?


How to configure One-to-One NAT on Safestream routers using the new GUI?


How to configure Policy Routing on Dual WAN Router using the new GUI


System Tools

How to configure remote management on SMB router using the new GUI?


How to use Iperf to test the speed on TP-Link routers


How to check the link status and data traffic statistics of TP-Link Business Routers with SNMP


How to capture packets using Wireshark on SMB router or switch?