FAQs Summary - Omada EAP Setup

Released On: 2022-12-27 17:59:12Last update time: 2023-02-21 06:42:04

Hi all,


Here are the FAQs about how to manage the EAP! Hope it can help you set up your network.



How to choose EAP products


Frequently asked questions of EAP Series Access Points


What is TP-Link EAP Beamforming


What is Fast Roaming of TP-Link Business Wi-Fi Products?


What is TP-Link EAP/CAP MU-MIMO?


What is TP-Link EAP/CAP Airtime Fairness?


Q&A for TP-Link Omada App


PoE and Power Supply

PoE Guide to TP-Link Access Points


Overview of Omada EAP Power Supply


Configure the Network(Controller Mode)



What Is the Difference Between Login Account, Cloud Account, Device Account and User Account in Omada Controller?


How to manage Omada devices at different sites across Internet using Omada Controller


How to assign Static IP addresses for Omada Devices with Omada SDN Controller?


How to set the PVID/VLAN ID for the second port on the EAP


Wireless Network:

How to configure the WLAN Group function on the SDN Controller?(New UI)


How to configure Multi-Networks & Multi-SSIDs on Omada SDN Controller


How to set Access Control to create guest SSID on Omada Controller/EAP


How to Configure Load Balance on Omada Controller?(For EAP)


How to configure URL blacklist or whitelist using Omada Controller's URL Filtering feature


Configuration Guide on EAP-TLS authentication for WPA-Enterprise (with FreeRADIUS)


Manage in Standalone Mode:

How to view detailed client information of an EAP


How do I find the firmware version of my EAP device?


How do I upgrade the firmware of my EAP device via web browser?


What Can I Do If I Fail to Log In to the EAP via the Domain Name?


Portal Authentication

How to configure the portal function on Omada Controller


How to Configure Voucher Authentication on Omada Controller?


Video: How to configure Local User & Voucher Portal on TP-Link Omada SDN Controller


Do I need to keep controller running when using portal authentication 


Explanation of portal authentication failure after EAP is extended with Range Extenders


How to Change the Language of the Printed Voucher Code


The Requirements of Establishing an External Portal Server (above Omada SDN Controller 5.0.15)


Source code template for External Web Portal (Controller 3.1.4 or above)


Source code template for External Web Portal (Standalone Mode)



How to Build a Mesh Network via Omada EAP in Your Home


Frequently Asked Questions about EAP Mesh Network



Troubleshooting of Wireless Issues for Omada EAP Products


How to optimize wireless performance of EAP products


Will the Configuration Still Work with EAPs When the Omada Controller Goes Offline


How to use iPerf to test the speed between the EAP and the wireless client


How to use the Recovery Mode to recover the firmware for EAP


How to downgrade firmware of EAP if it is abnormal after the update


What if I forget the password of EAP Controller?


What should I do if I got a certificate error?