How to Set the Site Migration?

Released On: 2023-02-14 13:03:50Last update time: 2023-02-14 13:08:46

Migration services allow users to migrate the configurations and data to any other controller. Migration services include Site Migration and Controller Migration, covering all the needs to migrate both a single site and the whole controller.

You can check more details about Controller Migration in this link.




Site Migration allows the administrators to export a site from the current controller to any other controller that has the same version. All the configurations and data of the site will be migrated to the target controller.
The process of migrating configurations and data from a site to another controller can be summarized in three steps: Export Site, Migrate Site and Migrate Devices.



Step1: Export Site
Export the configurations and data of the site to be migrated as a backup file.

Step2: Migrate Site
In the target controller, import the backup file of the original site.

Step3: Migrate Devices
Migrate the devices which are on the original site to the target controller.



To migrate a site to anther controller, follow these steps below.

The connection to internet will be lost for several minutes during the migration. Clients need to connect the wireless network again after the migration is completed. Please choose the time to start migration operation carefully.



Step1: Export Site


1. Go to Settings > Migration. On the Site Migration tab, click start button on the following page.




2. Select the site to be imported into the second controller in the Select Site drop-down list. Select where you want to export and save the backup file. Click Export to download the file of the current site. If you have backed up the file, click Skip.




Step2: Migrate Site


1. Start and log in to the target controller, click the top right corner of the screen and select , and then the following window will pop up. Note that for controller v 4.3.0 and above, only the file from the controller with the same major and minor version number can be imported.




2. Enter a unique name for the new site. Click Browse to upload the file of the site to be imported and click Import to import the site.

3. After the file has been imported to the target controller, go back to the previous controller and click Confirm.




Step3: Migrate Devices


1. Enter the IP address or URL of your target controller into Controller IP/Inform URL input filed. In this case, the IP address of the target controller is



Make sure that you enter the correct IP address or URL of the target controller to establish the communication between Omada managed devices and your target controller. Otherwise Omada managed devices cannot be adopted by the targe controller.


2. Select the devices that are to be migrated by clicking the box next to each device. By default, all the devices are selected. Click Migrate Devices to migrate the selected devices to the target controller.




3. Verify that all the migrated devices are visible and connected on the target controller. When all the migrated devices are in Connected status on the Device page on the target controller, click Forget Devices to finish the migration process.




4. When the migration process is completed, all the configuration and data are migrated to the target controller. You can delete the previous site if necessary.