What Should I Do If I Get An Error After Using AI WLAN Optimization

Released On: 2023-02-14 13:10:55Last update time: 2023-02-14 13:10:55

This Article Applies to:

Software controller, OC200, OC300, EAPs



After the controller has been updated to v5.4.6, AI WLAN Optimization has been added. When you go to Settings --- Wireless Networks, you can see this option. However, you may encounter the following situations in use.

After scanning for channel on the controller, it will report an error like below.





The reason is that the current firmware version of EAP is not adapted with AI WLAN Optimization function.

Please check if your current EAP firmware version is compatible with V5 Controller, you can check if there are words like below image under the current EAP firmware version on the official website.





If you see a " This firmware fully adapts the Omada SDN platform and only compatible with Omada Controller v4.1.5 or above." like the one shown in the image above, it means that the current firmware version of the EAP is not yet compatible with the AI WLAN Optimization on the current controller, so please wait for a firmware update