What Is Going On About the Broom Icon On the Controller?

Released On: 2023-02-14 13:12:20Last update time: 2023-02-14 13:12:20

This Article Applies to:

Software controller, OC200,OC300



Controller 5.6 removed the Broom icon from the Log section, this change you can see in the Release Note for controller 5.7 as follows.





This issue has been noted by R&D team, and it will be added back in the subsequent firmware upgrade of Controller V5.9. 


If you want to delete the Log manually, it is still supported on the current Omada APP, you can go to Settings----Log, and you will see the Delete icon on the APP like the below image:





However, the Delete icon added back may not be exactly the same as before, and it may still not allow to delete all logs, but only a certain number of logs to be deleted in bulk.