Small Town with Internet

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Dear all


very happy, after using TP-link TL-470 products + all internet customers. no more problems with speed settings, all settings are running perfectly.

In addition to speed settings, the security settings are also very satisfying. using IP with MAC can secure the network from sudden changes by customers and avoid external attacks.

With a price that is not too expensive, this product can be selected, besides having an easy-to-use GUI feature.

Overall I am very satisfied, even though I have not had time to use other features, namely IP statistics and load balance. I will quickly learn and use it for small business network needs.


Thanks to TP-link


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TP-link is definitely an industry leader who is famous for his fastest wireless service deployments. I got professional resume writers to prepare me a perfect resume for me. Every business like to have the internet services provided by them as they are the really awesome.

Internet has turned this world into very small town. Whatever happens, it spreads all over the world in an instant. Over time, the Internet has become more accessible just like This Service is accessible to every student.