TP-Link and the government: Wi-Fi for Institute of legislation under the RF government


Company: The Institute of Legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation

Sector: education

Location: Russia



In November 2016 TP-Link supplied the equipment for organizing Wi-Fi in the Institute jointly with the system integrator INFOTAKTIKA. INFOTAKTIKA is the Russian system integrator, supplier of the information technologies. It provides wide range of services for development and introducing comprehensive solutions for the business customers, government institutions, healthcare agencies, telecommunication and transportation companies.


The Institute of Legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation has been the customer for the project. It is a multifunctional centre for legal science of the Russian Federation. The Institute has priority in scientific researches and expert-analytical developments, implemented according to the governments assignment.



The Institute is the main venue for convening foreign delegations and agencies, international congresses, worldwide conferences for law-making under the aegis of the RF. The critical challenge of the project is build-up of the high-speed AC Wi-Fi in the conference room, as well as in the reception area.


“The choice for the solution supplier was based on the requirement for urgent introduction of the Wi-Fi networks within the deadlines and limited budget in order to convene conferences, presentations and possibility for centralized monitoring in distant conference rooms of the customer. Additional goal, perfectly handled by the TP-Link equipment, has been the stable Wi-Fi coverage for the building with thick walls and floor slabs. We would like to express special gratitude to TP-Link for profound participance, assistance and loyalty in successful project. We are looking for further development of partnership, — Arthur Kadyrov, Director for business development of INFOTAKTIKA, stated.


Alexey Usachev, TP-Link Project manager:“Even the seemingly simple challenge requires attentiveness to the detail from the vendor: we have conducted several researches and measurements on the preparation stage jointly with the integrator INFOTAKTIKA, whereupon we considered all the nuances and clients requirements for the topology and network set-up in the Institute, which was built in the end of the XVIII century.”


Critical point of the successful cooperation has been prompt technical support of TP-Link at all the stages of the project: from testing the equipment up to its introduction and set-up.



The Institute used the business equipment of TP-Link during the project: Auranet access points EAP330 (AC1900 wireless dual band gigabit ceiling access point) and switches JetStream T1600G-28PS (gigabit Smart PoE+ switch). Before concluding the supply contract the positive load tests were performed within two months. Currently the Institute has stable and reliable Wi-Fi with user and guest authorization according to the Russian Federation applicable law.








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