TP-Link provide Omada solutions for Tapkoel

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Tapkoel, founded in 1987, installs, develops, manufactures, maintains and overhauls complete packaging beer installations, tank beer installations, wine installations, postmix installations and all related tap products and tap materials for their customers in Netherlands, which enjoys a very good reputation. Tapkoel is also able to offer an efficient solution-oriented organization, a very wide range of tapping systems and tap technical parts for many drinks. They have an experienced group of installers and its own research and production department are able to develop customized parts and installations.



Tapkoel has their own office and workshop in Netherlands. Their office and workshop are designed complicated and wired connection is difficulat to achieve in some places, especially in the workshop. So they do need wireless network connection for internal staffs to finish their daily work. And wireless connection also will be used when guests come to visit. So a stable and strong wireless network for staffs and guest network are required.



7 x EAP245

1 x T2600G-28MPS

1 x TL-ER5120


The actual situation of products installed in Tapkoel:

Typology of solutions:

TL-ER5120 + T2600G-28MPS:



Ceiling mount EAP245:

Tapkoel install the EAP245 on the ceiling and use cable to connect them with PoE Switch.



Products have already been installed. Package is storaged in customer's cabinet.




  • Now wireless network quality is well. Each EAP connects with dozens of clients, and Wi-Fi signal is very strong, stable and speed is quick.
  • Tapkoel use the software controller to check the network performance, it is very convenient and easy to use.
  • Considering the area, 7 pcs is enough to cover this place. In future, Tapkoel may upgrade to Version 3 or Higher version if needed.
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