Controller Based Wi-Fi Setup for Organization of State Bank of Pakistan

Used Products:
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Brief introduction of customer

National Organization of Banking and Finance (NIBAF), a subsidiary of the country’s central bank, State Bank of Pakistan, is a premier training organization for central bankers, commercial bankers, micro and rural finance providers beside management professionals. Multilple users from nation wide banking sectors.


1.    What does the customer use networking products for?
To use in NIBAF Hostel for employee’s training for all government and private banks of Pakistan.


2.    Which networking products and technology did the customer use before the project?
Cisco and Others  


3.    Why were the existing products inadequate?
Due to TP-Link SMB product range like EAP115 Wall plate and because of local support and guidance.


4.    What important/special product features did the customer require?  Why?
Small size wall plates to be used with the previous cabling and for each room Wi-Fi coverage with management.


5.    Which other considerations were particularly important?
Reliability and performance for smooth connectivity.







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