Bayborsystemsmodernize Carcavelos High School with TP-LINK Wi-Fi network products.

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Bayborsystems has been in the national and international market for more than 20 years, presenting vast experience in the areas of Electrical and Network installations, as well as in the commercialization, installation and technical assistance of several equipment’s such as Sports Markers, Electronic Panels, Student Cards - SIGE, Queue Management - SIGEF, Multimedia Kiosks.


In order to create a Wi-Fi infrastructure solution for use by students and staff at Carcavelos High School, Bayborsystems needs a powerful and reliable solution that allows the replacement of study books with a digital platform.

This Wi-Fi internet access is dedicated to students with teacher supervision. Online technologies can provide instant access to educational content, exams, and ongoing class support. One of the main goals, in addition to relieving students of the weight of books, is making the school program content available on a digital online platform so can the students access through the tablet.

Several access points had been previously installed, but with limited use. They did not offer the desired autonomy of management by the employees and the school, nor the necessary coverage and performance.

The estimated daily number of users is between 1,200 and 1,500. Therefore, the biggest requirement was the guarantee of coverage and management capacity for approximately 2,000 users, as well as the Wi-Fi stability.



TP-Link has all the market knowledge and practices and Wi-Fi solutions, offering above-average professional support and technical support.

This solution included:


1 x AC500

72 x CAP1200

5 x T2600G-28MPS

10 x TL-SM311LM


Typology of solutions:


Installation details


"We have an excellent relationship with the TP-Link Portugal technical support and commercial team. We chose these equipments because we trust this manufacturer.
We have already tested other TP-Link products and we think they have the best
cost-effective relation."
CEO Bayborsystems

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