Campus Wi-Fi Connectivity at Air University, Islamabad Pakistan

Used Products:
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Brief introduction of customer

Air university is an educational organization in capital of Pakistan. Offering multiple degrees to students. Air University is to achieve excellence in teaching and research for producing graduates with sound professional knowledge, integrity of character, a keen sense of social responsibility and a passion for lifelong learning.


1.    What does the customer use networking products for?
To be used for Campus Wi-Fi for staff and students


2.    Which networking products and technology did the customer use before the project?
Multiple manufacturer’s products  

3.    Why were the existing products inadequate?
Due to management, availability, local support and Cost issues.

4.    What important/special product features did the customer require?  Why?
Ceiling mount PSE & PD for campus Wi-Fi

5.    Which other considerations were particularly important?
Relibality and performance for smooth Wi-Fi connectivity






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I am having the same problem for PSE & PD mounting on the ceiling in parc clematis.

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