Provide network solutions for Ministry of Defense of Netherlands

Customer Profile – Deal IT

Located at Coral red 123, 2718 SB Zoetermeer, Netherlands, Deal IT ( ) provides a full range of products and services around the IT infrastructure. From PC to server, from router to storage environment. Deal IT ensures that IT equipment is closely aligned with the work processes of customers’ organization. From a single workstation to the complete replacement of all kinds of hardware. They advise customers on the purchase of equipment, networks and data storage. Their main business are :

  • Workstations
  • Data Governance
  • Web & Email Security
  • Network access solutions for mobile networks



Projects – Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Defense needs network solutions prepared for soldiers in different places.

The challenges are:

  • Products must be very easy to ship and install
  • Needs to achieve remote point-to-point Network between two sites
  • Needs High-gain directional antenna providing wide-area coverage
  • Must be weatherproof design, as some products will be used in outside environment
  • Manage network must be convenient enough and support cloud control
  • Should support VLAN for an enhanced network management


  • TP-Link Omada Access Point EAP245 × 45 pcs
  • TP-Link Pharos Outdoor CPE510 × 16 pcsWBS510 × 9 pcsTL-ANT5819MS × 6 pcs
  • TP-Link Switch TL-SG108E × 52 pcs



















  • Products have been well unpacked and ship to different locations by plane in 2018
  • Until now, products work well

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