Unmanaged Switch Connectivity for Leading Pakistan's ISP customers

Used Products:
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Brief introduction of customer

Nayatel (PVT.) Ltd is one of the leading and pioneers Internet Service Provider in Pakistan. Nayatel’s FTTH network has transformed Islamabad into one of the most connected and optically wired cities of the world. This is the company who launch DSL services first time in Pakistan in year 2002. Nayatel is providing triple play and multiple VAS & IT services for home and corporate industries.



Recuring business and shift Nayatel from Cisco SF110D-08 to TP-Link TL-SG108


1.    What does the customer use networking products for?
To be used for home and corporate clients of Nayatel.

2.    Which networking products and technology did the customer use before the project?
Cisco SF110D-08

3.    Why were the existing products inadequate?
Due to local support and guidance. Shift them from cisco to TP-Link.

4.    What important/special product features did the customer require?  Why?
Small size unmanaged gigabit switch for connectivity of customers premises.

5.    Which other considerations were particularly important?
Reliability and performance as Nayatel team checked the performance.





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