Wi-Fi Connectivity for Hospital Management, Rawalpindi Pakistan

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Brief introduction of customer

The Diabetes Centre, Inc. (TDC) has taken on the challenge of dealing with the epidemic of diabetes sweeping through Pakistan and believes that we have a significant role to play in diabetes awareness, education, and health care delivery and capacity to train caregivers (physicians, nurses, medical technicians, dietitians) in appropriate ways, and enabling all methods of educating the patient and the public at large.




1.    What does the customer use networking products for?
To be used for TDC management users in building

2.    Which networking products and technology did the customer use before the project?
Cisco and Huawei. Mostly equipment they arranged on charity from abroad.

3.    Why were the existing products inadequate?
Due to management, availability, local support and Cost issues.

4.    What important/special product features did the customer require?  Why?
Good in performance, ceiling mount with POE connectivity to support dual Wi-Fi frequency users.

5.    Which other considerations were particularly important?
Relibality and performance for smooth Wi-Fi connectivity.

6.    How generates the business.
Meetings with client, support on different times like after office hours. Extensive follow-ups and guidance.



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