Wi-Fi Connectivity for Garrison Public Library - Multan, Pakistan

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Brief introduction of customer

Multan has just received one of the grandest libraries of Pakistan. The Garrison Public Library is a state of the art library that is so beautiful that it has become a popular discussion subject on the social media of Pakistan.

The grand library which was being constructed has now been completed and is set to open to the public in the next few days. Multan Garrison Public Library features a dedicated ladies section, a children science museum, day care center, news reading room, a children’s play section, a cafeteria, special persons’ section, and a vast seating area for the public.


1.    What does the customer use networking products for?
Garrison Library is a learning institute that tries to lead a new model of learning by using the technology to address the modern needs of the community.

2.    Which networking products and technology did the customer use before the project?
They constructed new building we stayed in touch with the management and we convince them to go with TP-Link products for their WIFI solution.

3.    What important/special product features did the customer require?  Why?
Low cost, good performance, after sale services, ceiling mount with POE connectivity.

4.    Which other considerations were particularly important?
Relibality and performance for smooth Wi-Fi connectivity.

5.    How generates the business
Continuously stayed in touch with client.








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Even solely from photographs, one can see how beautiful this library is. I think this is the case when even my friend https://medium.com/@claytongsimpson would work on his a marxist analysis of 1984 with pleasure. In short, I look forward to visiting the library.

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