My Hotel Is Getting Better Because of TP-Link!

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I just wanted to open a new branch of my existing hotel in the bustling street near Plaza Low Yat (which is the biggest IT Style Mall in Malaysia, hahawink).

I’ve tried a lot of products in my original hotels, but somehow it doesn’t work, use AC2100, but very incapable in hotel usage if there were full of guests in room. My friend told me TP-Link had just launched a business WiFi solution——Omada event in Hotel Istana (5-star hotel which was said to use Omada as well).

So I just found them, having deployed one EAP225 in the 1st floor, in that area, no complaint at all, the signal quite good, speed fast, I have been trying them for like one-month, It worked so well.

I decided to use the whole solution, with the help of their SI Partner, Infinity.

Having done the on-site survey, they deployed 2 units per floor, using T1600G-28PS PoE switch which saved the socket trouble for construction work.

I am so satisfied right now, in WiFi part, it’s totally worry-free, no complaint any more.

I have attached some beautiful pictures of my hotel, welcome all the guests to accommondate in my Ibis Bintang

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High results of speedtest! I'm sure everyone is enjoying connecting the wifi connection. Great! |

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