Full Coverage of wireless networks improves the quality of service in Hospital

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I am a member of the Regional hospital No.1 of Tyumen. Our hospital has a long history, with professional medical staff, cutting-edge technology and excellent service, and is also among the best in all Russian hospitals.Recently, we have made some new changes in our hospital. We started to introduce Smart-medicine technology to establish a centralized database of patients and clinical records to improve work efficiency and quality of medical services. This requires our hospital to have a high-speed and stable network, especially wireless networks.


Installed Wi-Fi access point in the unit of Regional Hospital No. 1


In order to improve our network, we invited our partner “Pervy Integrator” to conduct a survey for us. According to our budget, Pervy integrator recommends that we use TP-Link equipment. TP-Link's Wi-Fi controller AC50 centrally manages and monitors all access points in the hospital, while the CAP1200 provides full Wi-Fi coverage.


The staff said that TP-Link's products also have Fast roaming technology, which enables our medical staff to automatically select the best signal access point when walking between different wards to ensure the smooth use of the network. This feature made us feel very advanced and practical, and let us finally decide to use TP-Link products.


Gigabit Ceiling mount CAP1200



After using TP-Link's Wi-Fi solution, we clearly feel that our hospital network is better than before. Moreover, the new wireless network system will also promote the development of our smart healthcare. Our staff can also easily set up separate authentication channels for staff and patients in the back-end system, making our network more manageable. It's a great experience for TP-Link's products to make our hospital network look new.


Wi-Fi controller AC50

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