Pharos WISP in Peru Powered by Pharos

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We started our business from 1997 to serve the remote area for internet services. This time, we are glad to choose TP-Link Pharos series to build a WISP solution in Villa María for the outstanding performance and very worthy price.


Here is our solution:

-Provides PtMP coverage in a large area (3.2km radius) with many wireless devices

-Uses switches to connect each CPE to 3-20 subscribers

-Provides each subscriber with 1 Mbps bandwidth

-The most remote CPE can be placed 3.2 km from the base station

Due to the bad wireless environment, we enable the MAXtream TDMA technology to ensure a better network performance for our customers.

We are also very impressed at how user friendly the interface and programming of the devices have been. The management tool offers us an effective and easy way to management the whole network.


The bad outdoor weather has always been a big concern, but Pharos devices survives and work perfectly since the installation.


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This information helps me to solve my internet problem.

My manufacturing unit is set up in a remote location having no broadband provider. and with this idea, I set up mobile broadband and use TP link extender to cover the entire area.