Our Hotel Complex Achieves Full Wi-Fi Coverage

Our hotel complex, Izmailovo, is not only one of the best hotels in Russia, but also the top five hotels in the world. There are many important facilities in the area covered by the hotel, such as bars, restaurants, Internet cafes and so on. From a macro perspective, it is like a small city. In such a complicated structure, smooth and stable Internet access is naturally necessary for our guests. If there is no Wi-Fi, it will definitely affect the quality of service of our hotel. In order to improve our customers' services, we must keep up with the times.

Our leaders believe that at this stage our hotel must achieve three goals: first, to provide customers and employees with reliable Wi-Fi; secondly, to install wireless network equipment in each room; finally, to let our managers are able to centrally manage and maintain the network easily and conveniently.

To achieve these goals, we chose to purchase TP-Link products because it is an internationally recognized and trusted network equipment manufacturer. Their staff provided us with two options: installing APs in the hallway or installing them in the room. After the measurement, TP-Link engineers found that the access points in the room covered more rooms than the access points in the corridor. As a result, project costs are significantly reduced. After comparing the devices of different vendors, based on similar coverage, we found that TP-Link devices can show faster connection speeds. Finally, we chose CAP1200 access points, V switches and AC500 controllers to complement our network.






After installation, our employees can easily manage the entire hotel complex network through the back-end management system. Moreover, when we encountered difficulties and doubts, TP-Link staff also patiently answered questions for us. Our leaders are very satisfied with this cooperation and our customers have also used high quality wireless networks.





2 units of the AC500 controller, is it use for redundancy purpose?

As 1 unit of AC500 controller can manage up to 500 AP. But there's only 120 units of AP in this deployment.




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