EAP & switch offer a budget hotel wireless coverage

I work at Hotel Mary. We are a budget hotel and have maintained a good turnover for the past two years. Our hotel has a total of 75 rooms. Recently, our guests have become more and more demanding for Wi-Fi, because our hotels always have various network problems such as dropped connections, dead zones, and insufficient capacity. And, our hotel's network management functions are somewhat inconvenient, so that some new employees can't get started with complex management systems. Moreover, our boss also said that the physical design of the old access points is completely different from the hotel's decoration style.


Subsequently, our hotel purchased TP-Link’s products. TP-Link staff suggested that we use a TL-SF1048 switch and 13 EAP115s to provide full wireless coverage for our two-story buildings without the dead zone of the network. The staff said that our hotel has a dedicated Internet channel with 5Mbps bandwidth, and the EAP solution is very capable.

Not long after, the staff came to the door to help us install EAP. The installation was completed very quickly and did not inconvenience the guests and staff. The staff also taught us to use EAP Controller to centrally manage our wireless network. We found that the EAP Controller's user interface is really intuitive, making it easy for beginners to get the ability to configure and monitor the network.


At the same time, EAP also has a guest authentication function, our hotel can design a unique authentication page and establish a verification system to manage each guest's online behavior. What's more, the EAP access points are mounted on the ceiling or wall like ordinary ceiling lights, and they are completely unobtrusive.

After the equipment was put into use, our hotel management expressed satisfaction with the newly implemented solution. TP-Link's EAP solution provides a stable and fast wireless network for our hotels and our guests, and also greatly enhances our productivity. We really appreciate TP-Link, your products are really good!



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