TP-Link Provides Reliable Network Solutions for Wyndham Hotel & Resorts in Turkey



Name: Wyndham

Industry: Hospitality

Capacity: 127Rooms

Location: Kizilpinar Mahallesi 221 Sokak Tekirdag, 59340 TR 




With its prime location in western Turkey, Wyndham hotel is conveniently located minutes from the city center and puts customers close to the commercial center and the industrial area. At the Wyndham hotel, people can get pampered in the luxurious spa and exercise in the state-of-the-art health center. An on-site restaurant and bar, stylish guest rooms and suites, plus 24/7 room service ensures total satisfaction throughout their stay.


Additionally, this hotel thoughtfully provides conveniences like free high-speed Wi-Fi that seamlessly covers all of the suites, guest rooms, and event venues. With the reliable help of TP-Link networking solutions, Wyndham hotel offers ideal accommodations for business and leisure travelers.




Provide a reliable networking solution for Wyndham hotel. TP-link would fulfill the following demands:


• Ensure a superior Wi-Fi usage experience for their customers for free and on-demand—including WiFiTTR (Wi-Fi to the room)

• Manage the whole network system locally and/or remotely

• Connect separate network devices to one network for easy and centralized management

• Offer local and/or remote management services of Wi-Fi towards facilities for franchise business like bar, restaurant and conference room

• The design of the network devices should fit in the harmonious hotel environment




TP-Link provided a suitable networking solution that met all of the demands that were outlined by Wyndham hotel. TP-Link’s local partner “Bilişim Bilgisayar (B&B)”, implemented the entire project along with business critical Pre-Sales & After-Sales support, from the TP-Link office in Turkey.


For the distributed network, the implemented solution was based on copper cabling (Cat.5E & Cat.6 –UTP & FTP) and was comprised of 145 EAP225-Wall, 25 EAP225, and 11 EAP225- Outdoor. It is worth mentioning that apart from the free or on-demand WiFiTTR services, we offered through our wall type access points, as well as the IPTV room services


• For the seamless Wi-Fi coverage and robust network performance, the Access Point designs include ceiling, wall, and pole-mount installations to provide Wi-Fi coverage wherever needed and deliver a robust wired and wireless network to both customers and staff. Hotel IT personnel can check the real-time network status and the network traffic distribution in all suites with the easy-to-use dashboard of the Omada Software Controller.


• For Wi-Fi network management, the implemented solution based on TP-Link Cloud services and the Omada Software Controller. The scaled management access offered by the Omada ecosystem was mainly used. Therefore, all of the project collaborators are using it (Onenet as “admin”, Local IT as “operator”, and the Receptionist as“voucher manager” when needed).





The Wyndham hotel has expressed intense satisfaction with their implemented solution. The Omada ecosystem provided the reliable and proper network performance that the Wyndham hotel needed. The classic network demands of:


• Easy Centralized Management

• Full Wi-Fi Coverage

• Standard guest network

• On-Demand guest network

• IPTV network – via WiFiTTR method

• Secure Authentication with Captive Portal


are now considered standard for this business.



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