TP-Link Helps Our School Provide Wireless Coverage

I am a manager of the Calasanz school. Our school is located in Cucuta, Norte de Santander, from kindergarten to high school. Our school has more than 1,290 students and more than 80 teachers.



In recent years, due to the requirements of educational informationization, students have begun to acquire knowledge and consultation through the Internet, and teachers' teaching is increasingly carried out through the Internet. Therefore, the original campus network can no longer meet the current teaching needs. According to the requirements of the school leaders, we not only need to build a new wireless network, provide students with more online access to information, but also enable students to learn independently through digital textbooks, online libraries and online homework. This requires our school to build a strong wireless network to provide a complete digital education service.


We have chosen TP-Link products to meet our needs. A TL-SF1048 meets the needs of 18 classrooms in high school buildings, and the second TL-SF1048 meets the needs of 15 classrooms in primary school buildings. In addition, each classroom is equipped with EAP110.



The TP-Link staff told us that the EAP110 uses the Qualcomm Atheros 560MHz chipset, which makes the wireless network powerful. Moreover, the captive portal feature provides students with a convenient way to authenticate and use their student ID and password to access the network. Whether it is our teachers, managers or students, we can ensure that their personal data is protected.



EAP Controller Software is software for centrally managing EAP, which not only allows staff to easily configure EAP, but also enables real-time monitoring. This software is very easy to understand and can be used without any special training.


What makes our leaders more satisfied is that installing EAP saves time and effort. It doesn't need to be cut into walls or complicated work. Just attach EAP to the wall or ceiling. This convenient installation method will not interrupt the school's daily teaching plan, which is super convenient.


Since deployment, EAP has performed well without any problems, as has the user experience. The strong and stable Wi-Fi coverage of the entire school not only facilitates our teaching, but also makes life easier for everyone in the school. “We are very pleased with this solution,” said Sandra, a board member of our school. “I cannot speak highly enough of the TP-LINK team and the solution, as they continue to meet all of our needs and exceed our expectations.”



Students can utilize the internet to find study resources like assignments, quizzes, and presentations, as well as any other study-related information. The internet assists not only students but also teachers.

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