We Chooses Industry-Leader TP-link for Wireless Service Deployments


I am a staff member from Shuraa Facilities Management LLC.We are a new hotel in Dubai that enjoys a growing reputation in the luxury goods sector.The guests who are staying at our hotel now have high requirements for the hotel network and hope to get good wireless network service.Our leader Mr. Shaiju director said, To provide uninterrupted engagement with and for our guests, we needed a system that would guarantee 24/7 connectivity with the Wi-Fi networks available in all guest areas.”


The decoration of our hotel is very beautiful, so we don't want to destroy the wall and decoration style of the hotel when installing the network equipment. Moreover, we hope that the hotel's network can be truly dead, and even Wi-Fi networks can be found in places such as toilets, balconies and smoking rooms.


Based on these requirements, our partners advise us to use TP-Link equipment.We are recommended to install access points, and the EAP115 were mounted in walls with a total of 107, EAP225 had a total of 20 installed and EAP110-Outdoor saw 1 installed while 8 TL-SG3424P were implemented.



After purchasing these devices, TP-Link staff came to us for installation. The installation process was very short and convenient, and it hardly affected our normal business. After implementing the TP-Link installation plan, no one of our guests was troubled by the poor Wi-Fi signal. The newly installed wireless network system provides service in more than 100 rooms, providing our guests with better satisfaction and comfort. Moreover, our leaders are very satisfied with this installation.



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