Our Restaurant Is Getting Better Because of TP-Link

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Awesome! Since we have used TP-Link products, our guests are more and more satisfied with us!



We are a Tang Palace Restaurant from the UAE, a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine. Thousands of tourists come here every month.As we all know, the current customers choose the restaurant, not only depends on the quality of its meals, but also on the availability of the restaurant's Wi-Fi, which affects the customer's dining experience to some extent.Moreover, our restaurant is now also implementing digital operations, and it also requires a stable and smooth wireless network to support our daily work.


Our general manager, Tony Peng, asked for a wireless network in our restaurant. He demanded that the wireless network must cover all five areas of the restaurant, the network must be stable and reliable, at the same time, the network system should be easy for our staff to manage, and the wireless access point should be integrated with the interior design of the restaurant. After careful evaluation, we finally chose TP-Link's EAP solution.


TP-Link staff installed 9 EAP225 access points and a TL-ER6120 VPN Router for our restaurant, which can cover more than 600 square meters in five areas of the hotel.All access points must be connected to the TL-SG2424P PoE switch. The installation process was very fast and did not cause any inconvenience to employees and guests. When the entire network system started running, every corner of our restaurant received a strong wireless signal. Moreover, the intuitive user interface enables restaurant personnel to quickly configure and monitor the entire network, making integrated management as efficient as possible.For management staff, they have a dedicated login portal that can be used to manage Wi-Fi by logging in with a code.



Moreover, the appearance of the EAP equipment is very compatible with the interior decoration style. They are all installed on the ceiling, and you can't find them without looking carefully.


TP-Link's EAP solution provides a reliable and high-performance wireless network, and our management is very satisfied with its performance. Now, our guests can not only enjoy delicious food in the restaurant, but also achieve high-speed Internet surfing during the meal. This is a good thing for our restaurant. Both our guests and staff are very happy.

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