TP-Link Provided Our Dormitory with High Speed & Stable Wi-Fi

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Our Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group, located in Dubai, is a large-scale company that covers real estate development, hotel management, and automotive sales.There are many employees working in our company. Our company provides uniform accommodation for employees who live in the Sandras building. The building has 128 rooms and has a total of more than 400 staff.



Undoubtedly, our employees live here, and there is a strong demand for Internet access. Because everyone has more than one smart device, many times, when everyone is on the Internet, the network speed will become very slow. Not only do employees complain to managers about this matter many times, but our leaders also attach great importance to this issue.Our leaders say that a stable and fast Wi-Fi network must be provided to employees in the dormitory. Leaders believe that wireless networks must not only cover all employees living in the building, but also the ability to carry more than 128 devices simultaneously.Moreover, network administrators have to easily manage and monitor the entire Wi-Fi network.


In order to improve the accommodation environment for employees, we used the TP-Link solution. A total of 128 EAP115 Access points were installed in our dormitory, and the entire installation process was very quick and did not cause any inconvenience. This product has built-in 4 antennas, which guarantees the intensity of signal transmission. Although there are more than 100 rooms in our residence hall, our Wi-Fi signals can easily penetrate the walls, and our employees can connect to high quality networks. Meanwhile, EAP Controller allows our managers to easily configure and manage the entire network with no additional cost.



Since these EAP installations are up and running, they have performed very well without any problems. Our employees can also connect to a fast and stable wireless network, which allows them to not only work in the dormitory room, but also watch movies, play games and more. Our employees are very satisfied with the experience of the wireless network.


Our leaders are also very satisfied. They said that we believe that with this stable wireless network, the happiness of our employees can be higher, and our company's development is getting better and better.

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Free wifi in dorms will surely help our students. Great initiative!

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