Taking over a network with existing APs

I recently took over administration of a school site that had five EAP225 APs installed. Unfortunately the previous sysadmin had not documented anything, and I mean anything, so it was a hard slog working out how the server was configured (AD, GPOs, etc), the network, users, PCs- everything! When I looked at some of the cabling I was horrified at what I saw: good hardware brought to its knees by shoddy, sub-standard wiring!


Eventually it came time to check out the APs and I was confronted with a model I had never previously worked with - the EA225s - and configuration software I have never seen before - Omada. The hardware installation, as you can see, was hardly professional, and typical of what I found overall, so I was not looking forward to this...


Well that turned out to be the one bright spot in this job. The Omada manual got me up and running quickly, the Omada software allowed me to set up a group with configurations that could be applied to all the APs and in no time I had them just as I wanted them.


It worked so easily and well that I now have the same hardware/controller software installed at my home office. Thanks TP-Link :)

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