Omada Wi-Fi For Russia Railway

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Russian railways is a part of top three railway companies worldwide, as well as being one of the most prominent Russian companies. The company struggles to enhance its quality of passenger transportation, rendering safe, accessible and convenient trips.


Russian Railways management planned to provide the Wi-Fi access in the branded passenger trains. In order to entertain people during the trip, the information and entertainment portal has been realized important for the trains.



Each carriage is equipped with 3 access points EAP225 and a PoE switch.

The control car has server, which provides media-content (music, video, books, etc.)

The two main T3700G-28TQ switches are connected over a 'trunk connection' to ensure data throughput between both switches without increasing the number of cables.


EAP225, which operate both in 2.4GHz and 5GHz with speed up to 1200Mbps, provides high performance Wi-Fi network and supports connecting with more than 80 devices.


T3700G-28TQ, JetStream 28-Port Gigabit Stackable L3 Managed Switch, which supports true Physical Stacking technology supports up to 8 units and 320Gbps backplane bandwidth for high scalability and efficient redundancy.



“Russian Railways” has expressed satisfaction with the performance and quality of the Wi-Fi network.

Great Wi-Fi coverage for all the carriages, and Wi-Fi is also very stable when the training is driving.

SMS authentication for passengers to access the network.

Centralized management system via SNMP / SSH.





Great project!yes

Great project!yes

Impressive installation base. Well done, TP-Link!

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Impressive installation base. appreciate the effort you made Well done, TP-Link! also thanks for sharing from our site.

Great project! Well done, TP-Link!

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The implementation of Wi-Fi access on Russian Railways' branded passenger trains has been successful. The use of EAP225 access points and T3700G-28TQ switches has provided high-performance Wi-Fi coverage throughout the carriages. The network has proven to be stable even during train movement. Passengers can authenticate to see Videos like schools,Welding Trends,Designs, and more and access the network through SMS authentication, and the system is centrally managed via SNMP/SSH. Overall, the Wi-Fi solution has met the company's goals of enhancing passenger experience and providing entertainment during the trips.