TP-Link Provides Internet Access for EECC

The East European Comic Con (EECC), which began in 2013, has become one of the most popular cultural events for young people in Eastern Europe. As the organizer of the animation exhibition, we attach great importance to providing high-quality exhibition content and convenient services for tourists. Therefore, our partners and sponsors often need to provide some interactive entertainment projects at their booths, which require network support. And our employees need to connect through a fast and stable network.

We have chosen TP-Link as our wireless network partner for four consecutive years. This year, the number of our visitors has increased a lot more than last year, which means we need more bandwidth and more equipment to support our network than ever before.


After detailed analysis of the needs of the TP-Link team, they have a wealth of experience to provide a complete solution for wired and wireless networks. The JetStream switch solution is used to extend and manage the entire network, while EAP and CAP service-level access points are used as Wi-Fi hotspots for mobile devices.


We use two T3700G-28TQ switches as core switches that transmit data over the Ethernet cable to the entire network. At the same time, the T2600G-52TS, T2600G-28TS and TL-SG5412F can be used to expand the network and optimize performance. The TL-SG1008PE is a Gigabit PoE switch that we use to provide data and power for access points.


In addition to the switch, we also need EAP and CPE as free Wi-Fi access points because of the wireless network. We chose EAP330 and EAP320 at this show. These access points provide a smooth Wi-Fi experience using technologies such as Beamforming, Band Steering and Airtime Fairness. The CAP1750 access point and AC50 wireless controller hardware help to further expand network coverage. These devices can be uniformly managed and monitored through centralized control software.

These devices worked well after they were put into operation. TP-Link's professional team is also responsible for technical support and network maintenance throughout the event, ensuring that our visitors can always have fun. Our game director Marius Radu said: "As I have always said, the Internet is the most important resource in game activities. Without a stable Internet and reliable network infrastructure, it is impossible to organize game activities. With streaming media (1080p) The higher requirements, the network that meets these needs is of utmost importance. TP-Link Romania offers high quality services and the right equipment to meet the requirements of every project we work with."

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