TP-Link Delivers Quality Wi-Fi Experience to Resort Guests



"Reflections" is a resort in Florida, I am a staff member here. Unlike ordinary hotels and small resorts, we have a large golf course, natural beaches, entertainment venues and more, in addition to rooms. Every time we travel to the tourist season, we will always have a lot of tourists here.


Our resort has 84 separate units, and there are four bedrooms in every unit. So when these bedrooms are full of visitors, many people connect to the wireless network at the same time. Previously, our Wi-Fi network consisted of older access points that were difficult to cope with today's Wi-Fi devices. When many people access the network at the same time, the network speed will be very slow. Our leaders are beginning to think about the need to build a network that can handle large amounts of Internet traffic and provide a stronger Wi-Fi connection.


At this time, our network service Fire Dog providers provided us with a new network solution. They suggested that wed better use TP-Link's corporate network portfolio.After evaluation, we agreed to the program. They used two TL-SG1016PE 16-port PoE simple intelligent switches, six TL-SG2210P 8-port PoE smart switches and 88 EAP225s to create a custom network solution for our "Reflections".


Based on the price we can accept and the desired effect, Fire Dog chose EAP225, and each Access Point is 802.3af compliant, enabling access points to be connected and powered via a single network cable.This reduces overall cost by eliminating the need for extra cables and wiring.In addition to cost-effectiveness, EAP225 is also centrally managed through EAP Controller Software, a software that is easy to operate and allows our managers to easily manage our network equipment.


The new network solution has been in use for over six months now.Visitors to our resort say that our network is now very good, not only fast, but stable. Our network service Fire Dog is also  confident that it made the right decision by choosing TP-Link’s access points and switches as part of its networking solution to meet the dependability needs and cost requirements of us.



Hi, can you share how it was connected. Thanks

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