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Singapore’s largest IT and electronics shopping mall, Sim Lim Square is a six-floor electronics plaza that hosts a large variety of merchants selling anything from home entertainment equipment to computer components. With its wide selection, Sim Lim Square attracts thousands of Singapore's amateur and veteran electronics enthusiasts each day, as well as visitors from Malaysia and neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

With more than 10,000 daily visitors, a free Wi-Fi coverage for the entire building is quite urgent to improve the shopping experience.


TP-Link's installation began with an site survey service, providing a thorough analysis of the wireless environment, the existing IT infrastructure and the architectural structure.


With more than 500 retail outlets, almost all shop owners create private Wi-Fi hotspots for themselves, creating heavy wireless
interference throughout the mall's six floors. The free public Wi-Fi solution must be able to be readily available without competing with or interrupting these private networks, and vice-versa. We use EAP225 with dual band Wi-Fi to avoid wireless interference.



The switch is T2600G-28MPS with 24 PoE ports, to support all the EAP's power supply which makes the deployment flexible and easy.


We use the free centralized management software to manage all the EAPs and a login portal for the guest network.


The shopping mall manager told us that their customer satisfaction levels have been greatly improved since they started offering free public Wi-Fi throughout the entire mall. For that alone, the solution TP-Link provided was the best choice.





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To use in NIBAF Hostel for employee’s training for all government and private banks of Pakistan.


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