Hotel sweet hotel

Everything begin a summer day:

my friend Angelica ask me to help her with a new business WiFi solution.

I always loved Omada Series and so for the first time i found the opportunity for create something powerful, something magic, something .. fantatic.

Day after day we made choses, bought cables and put them in walls but at the end everything was connected.

With the help of the hotel owner we pierced the wall and install EAP supports.


After less 1 hour WiFi was up and running and customers was, and are really happy of this our new WiFi, and our new Portal.

TP-Link has gived us this opportunity, and i'm happy to have it used!


Really thanks

Pellegrin A.


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What a cool idea! You need more people to know about it.

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Great information. Couldn’t be written much better!

Keep it up!

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