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Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
2021-01-31 13:45:28
TL-R605 with OC200 cannot resolve internal network names
Hi, right now I only have one internal LAN (even on the standard VLAN). If I use the DHCP of the TL-R605 I get on the connected machines also the IP Adress of the TL-R605 as DNS Server (which is...
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
2021-01-31 13:41:22
TL-R605 with OC200 L2TP/IPSec DNS Setting cannot be changed
Hi, my setup is a TL-R605 controlled by a OC200 (all FW up-to-date) and normal network works. I've setup now a VPN (VPN Server L2TP) to which I can connect using iOS, Android and Windows. The problem...