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Forums/ Routers
2022-06-19 08:40:57
ER605 failed to upgrade to 1.2.1
I have an ER605 V1 attached to a self-hosted Omada Controller v5.3.1. I got an update notification recently, but it keeps failing the upgrade when I try to upgrade it. I've tried restarting it, and...
Forums/ Controllers
2022-06-17 02:11:10
Re:"X-Forwarded-Proto" header causes Omada Controller v5 to return 404
@Fae Hi, Can you help submit a ticket for this? This prevents the controller from being used behind a reverse proxy, which is a very common issue for many people.
Forums/ Controllers
2022-06-02 23:53:13
"X-Forwarded-Proto" header causes Omada Controller v5 to return 404
Setting the X-Forwarded-Proto header causes the Omada Controller to 404. Using controller 5.3.1 on Docker ( With header: curl -kv...