EAP firmware for old Omada Controller v3.2.x

EAP firmware for old Omada Controller v3.2.x

EAP firmware for old Omada Controller v3.2.x
EAP firmware for old Omada Controller v3.2.x
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The EAP firmware released after July 2020 is fully adapted to the Omada SDN platform, which is not compatible with the old Omada Controller v3. So if you are using Omada Controller v3 to manage the EAP whose firmware was released after July 2020, you may meet an incompatible issue that the controller is displaying no Stats or Clients on the EAP, though the EAP can be adopted and work well.


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To fix the problem that the Omada Controller v3 cannot manage the EAP properly, you can choose to update your network to support Omada SDN platform or keep using the old Controller to manage EAPs. Follow this article to check the details.


  • Omada Controller v3.2.14: 


OC200(UN)_V1_1.2.4 Build 20201120


  • EAP firmware for Omada Controller v3.2.x:


With the Omada SDN Controller updating and EAP firmware release increasing, the current EAP firmware listed on the TP-Link official website is almost for Omada Controller V4 or above. Thus it may be hard to find a non-SDN firmware to download from the TP-Link website. Here I will list the EAP official firmware that can work with Omada Controller v3.2.x for those who may need to manage EAPs with the old Omada Controller v3.


US version:

EAP225-Outdoor(US)_V1_1.7.0 Build 20200113

EAP110-Outdoor(US)_V3_3.5.0 Build 20200113

EAP245(US)_V3_2.4.0 Build 20200117

EAP225(US)_V3_2.7.0 Build 20200113

EAP115(US)_V4_3.5.0 Build 20200113

EAP110(US)_V4_3.5.0 Build 20200113

EAP225-Wall(US)_V2_1.4.0 Build 20191213


EU version:

EAP225-Outdoor(EU)_V1_1.7.0 Build 20200113

EAP110-Outdoor(EU)_V3_3.5.0 Build 20200113

EAP245(EU)_V3_2.4.0 Build 20200117

EAP225(EU)_V3_2.7.0 Build 20200113

EAP115(EU)_V4_3.5.0 Build 20200113

EAP110(EU)_V4_3.5.0 Build 20200113

EAP115-Wall(EU)_V1_1.6.2 Build 20200619

EAP225-Wall(EU)_V2_1.4.0 Build 20191213



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