Configure L2TP VPN using DDNS

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Configure L2TP VPN using DDNS
Configure L2TP VPN using DDNS
2021-08-03 21:52:28
Model: OC200
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 4.3.5

Hello, I'm not sure if I did the header information correctly, but I am trying to use an L2TP VPN via DDNS (No-IP). I have gone through and made the VPN profile and User account, and they both work fine (using my iPhone) when I configure the "Server" as my public IP address. I'm able to successfully connect to the VPN and access devices on my local network.


However, I don't have a static public IP, so I'd like to use a No-IP DDNS to retain VPN access in the event my public IP ever changes. I went through the process to create a No-IP hostname type DNS Host (A) and set the IPv4 address as my public IP address (the same one I use when configuring the VPN profile on my iPhone). However, when I put in the created No-IP hostname into my iPhone VPN profile as the "Server" I am not able to connect to the VPN anymore.


If I type the hostname into the address bar, it brings me to the router login page for my local network.


For reference, I have the following configuration for my network:


WAN -> Router: TL-ER605 (v1.0) -> Switch: TL-SG2210MP (v1.0) --|



                                                                                                         /    \

                                                                                                OC200    EAPS, DEVICES, Etc...


Is there some kind of special configuration I need to do when creating the hostname on No-IP so that the L2TP VPN will work? I just don't understand why using my public IP directly works, but using the created hostname that routes to my public IP doesn't work for the L2TP VPN.


--------------NEW INFORMATION-----------


As I was typing this all up it occurred to me to double check everything. I went back and looked at the VPN configuration on my iPhone and realized that the server was set to <custom.ddns.hostname>.com when it should have been <custom.ddns.hostname>.net. Once I changed the server on my iPhone VPN configuration to end in .net, the VPN worked as advertised and was able to connect.


I had already typed all the information above, so I figured I would still post this just in-case someone in the future has any use for it.

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Re:Configure L2TP VPN using DDNS
2021-08-04 06:18:28



Yepper. Good for you.


It is not hard to understand how DDNS works if you understand how DNS works. 

Put in a simple way. Just a server that helps you resolve the domain name(easy to remember. Like google, youtube) to IP address. In the real world, nobody really remembers the IPs. BUT, each domain name could be an IP or multiple. You are accessing different servers. 

DDNS works exactly the same as your public IP.