TL Er7206

TL Er7206
TL Er7206
2021-10-24 05:39:23


I am facing some odd behaviour on this dual wan router


Internet was down, which i thought should be low possibility. I have 2 internet providers after all plugged into the router. 


In the browser backend, under system, it indicates that both wan links are up. In transmission section, load balancing, link online it says 1 is online the other offline? 


What is the difference between these 2?


Another question is, without any settings/rules setup in link backup(also under transmission section),

If 1 link is down, it should automatically use the other link right? 


Again i am puzzled because even if 1 was down, i dont understand how the whole connection is down. This router's purpose was to prevent this from happening. 


Note this is not a wifi issue, because on detecting this, i used my pc to connect to the tl er7206. Pc is connect by wire to switch then to tl er7206. On rebooting the tl er7206, internet is up. Both system and link online page show link up and online for both wans. 


If someone can help explain if there is something i missed will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Re:TL Er7206
2021-10-25 10:09:07



The WAN status on the system status page should be the physical status.
The online detection is based on the ping result to determine whether the WAN is disconnected.
You can set it to manual and try pinging the external IP to test.


There is the FAQ about linkbackup on the official website:

This may help you.

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