Same problem as many - cannot access internet

Same problem as many - cannot access internet
Same problem as many - cannot access internet
2021-10-28 07:06:37 - last edited 2021-10-28 07:27:38
Model: CPE510
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: CPE510 v3.20 2.2.2 Build 20201111 Rel. 58267 (5553)

I thought this would be simple, but I was wrong.  ;)

I'm just testing out for now to see if I can get this to work in my home but will be building out on a farm with a reach of about 150 yards.

They have hughesnet HT200W modem with 4 LAN ports.  It has built in wifi which I think I can switch off later.  I visited recently and connected with ethernet cable it looks like reasonable download speed (~30Mb) and sad upload (3Mb).

Trying to reach another building which is about 150 yards away and would like to provide internet connectivity from there.


On my home system I run a Netgate SG-3100.  It has a typical gateway of and most of my devices get dhcp in the range of 100-150 then I reserve specific IPs for devices.  Visitors get available IPs in the 100-150 range.  And all get dns from (and from a collection like,, etc) as configured in pfsense.

So according to the video, I set up one CPE510 as AP at, and the client at That kind of works in that they both can ping each other and other internal device IPs.  I can ping from the tools menu to and  The traceroute tool shows it is hitting my internal dns server ( - same as the pfsense gateway).  But I can't ping anything via domain name internally (like my gitlab server) or externally (like I get `name or service not known`.


Sonic fiber modem >>>> pfsense (gateway/firewall/dhcp/dns) >>>> CPE510 AP static ~~~~ CPE510 Client static 192.1268.0.253 >>>> laptop registered DHCP

But like so many others, no internet, or apparently, no http/https. I get nothing from chrome or firefox.  And that's the primary focus of this experiment.


I've got these devices set up in separate rooms so I don't think they're overloading or having difficulties reaching each other.

As I mentioned, I can traceroute external dns using the pharos tools.


When I set up the AP, I included the reference to Primary DNS, and I did not set up the checkbox to have the AP provide another DNS service as it seems it would just cause confusion.


I'm starting to think I got the wrong devices.  This shouldn't be so complicated, right?  (gritting my teeth)


Any tips appreciated,

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Re:Same problem as many - cannot access internet
2021-10-28 20:44:06

Here's a rough sketch of my hoped-for configurtion.


Currently in my home configuration, I have a fiber modem before the Pfsense firewall instead of satellite modem.  Instead of the remote wifi, I just have a laptop (ubuntu) configured to get dhcp (which it is apparently recieving from reserved IP I had assigned).


My generic domain name on my network is human.salt.  My gitlab vm looks like gitlab.human.salt, or I can just use the host name.  Same goes for all my servers.  On my laptop (wired to the cpe510 client) the backup routine it notifying that the laptop.human.salt now looks like laptop.lan.  I've never seen that.  Could the cpe510 be doing something with dns?


From another post I see they had luck with disabling WDS.  It was set to Auto mode, so I set it to disabled.  Sadly, no difference.  From my client-side laptop (wired ethernet) I still cannot get to, for example, from my chrome or Firefox browsers.


If I can set up a generic WD N600 (flashed w/ openwrt) as an access point (which is what I have labelled, local wifi, above) that provides basic dhcp and dns from my pfsense, why can't I do the same with the cpe510 configuration?


Please let me know if there are any more details I might provide.


Thank you, Chris.

Re:Same problem as many - cannot access internet
2021-10-29 01:54:50



If you set a DNS server on your router "DHCP server" to, you don't have to do anything else and set anything on the end clients. That DHCP server will help you do that. 


So, basically, if you put up a router behind the Client CPE, that'll be set to Router Mode, connection type as "dynamic IP" or "static" if you prefer. 

You can also set your router to be an AP (AP Mode) instead of a Router(a firewall). That'll(AP) just pass through the IPs from your Ps firewall. 

While your diagram, that is a router, so, you need to make sure the router(at the client site) is set up correctly. Get an IP from your Client CPE. This is WAN IP. If your WAN IP is correct, that should work correctly. 

Simplest test is that you test the connection from the Client CPE. Once you config everything right, you should get an IP from that LAN port with an Ethernet connection. If you get IP dynamically, IP is 192.168.0.X, subnet, gateway, that should be okay with the CPE setup. And, you should be able to get Internet. Hence, CPEs have been set up successfully. You have an issue with the router. 



Heads up, if your LAN IP is the same as your WAN, that may cause an issue. Change that LAN to, subnet DHCP server should also automatically change and match up the