Omada remote logging tags

Omada remote logging tags
Omada remote logging tags
2021-12-30 21:53:33 - last edited 2021-12-31 01:45:17
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I'm running Omada controller on linux,  version 4.4.4.

My question / problem is - I do have multiple sites (5) and for all of them I'm using remote log feature to send that to centrally managed log site.

This functionality is working fine - i really enjoy detailed logs about roaming, connecting, disconnecting - even certificate ID on WPA2-EAP does shows up there. That's really nice.

What is missing (or maybe I havent discovered) - every log line looks the same :


Dec 30 18:03:03 Dec 30 17:03:00 - local1 info Omada[Controller][client:C8-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA] is disconnected from SSID "xxxxxxk" on [ap:C0-C9-E3-AA-AA-AA] (4h6m connected, 16.01MB).


So I'm not able to differentiate logs anyhow - just to keep seperate log files per each site (SSIDs are the same everywhere). 

Is there any chance to make such setup (different than keeping several ports on logging machine and making it that way)? 

If no, could you please take that functionality (like "LOG TAG", configurable per each site) on the next releases of Omada?


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