Request - More advanced configurations for VPNs

Request - More advanced configurations for VPNs
Request - More advanced configurations for VPNs
2022-03-31 20:44:11
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 5.1.7

Model: All Omada Software Controllers and Omada Hardware Controllers


While setting up my network I notice a lack of configuration option for OpenVPN (or litterally any of the client-server VPNs):

  • Must utilize IP pool / Can't specify DHCP server
  • Can't specify DNS server(s)
  • Can't specify Domain
  • Can't redirect/assign a gateways to force devices to route traffice through network gateways
  • Can't specify IP address per client based on MAC (unless you specify the pool IP to one address and create a tunnel for each client)
  • Can't assign the VPN to a specific VLAN to manage the VPN clients through VLAN configurations (which would make the above irrelevant)


Some of these issues can be addressed by manually updating the client configuration files (especially the OpenVPN .ovpn export), even then, its a bit of a hassel and the configuration outcomes are a bit spotty. It really should be a feature-set of a "business class" appliance to handle much further advanced VPN capabilities.


Furthermore I realized the system doesn't recognize the VPN connected clients as "clients" but instead views them as VPN tunnels. Its great that the reporting interfaces allow me to view the open VPN session (I understand this to be a newer functionality). However, it really should allow the administrator to view all connected devices in one report and from there filter by connection type/interface if so desired.