Proper/minimum additional DHCP Options availability


Proper/minimum additional DHCP Options availability

Proper/minimum additional DHCP Options availability
Proper/minimum additional DHCP Options availability
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I would like to have better configuration abilities with dhcp by simply having possibility to add custom options, here is what is available with current latest public v5.5.6


Option Description Additional description
60 Client identifier  
66 TFTP Server Name  
138 undefined by RFC protocol

tp-link uses it for discovering devices by Omada Controller



Here is what I would love to have:

  • Button "+ Add Option"
    • where one can choose from tp-links pre-defined/most popular options
    • or custom where option can be entered as well as value


Custom field would cover needs for everybody including those who need rfc undefined options 128-223, just like tp-links 138.


But if tp-link can not provide those, then I would request to have following additionally as minimum:

Option Description Reason why it should be available
3 Router (gateway) There are many reasons why one would like some IP segments to use different gateways, this is especially useful for those who run omada-unmanaged vpn server/client. As addition to option 3, option 33 (Static route) would be useful here too.
6 DNS Currently it is a little bit messy in LAN settings, as when one sets DNS for LAN interface, I would assume that this is DNS which this interface should use, it works ok as long as one does not want to use additional dns servers for dhcp clients, especially for mid and big size companies it is very common to have more than 2 dns servers. One should be able to enter multiple values for that option, as example split by comma if in one field or additional button for this option "+ Add DNS"


There are many other options which companies and home users do require or at least would like to have, as example 42 (NTP Server), that one is especially useful for companies without active directory.


I guess there is no need to explain that all options which do not require direct omada implementation should be available, at least as just "+ Add Custom Option" where user can set own, those like DNS which can have multiple values should be then split by comma, here two custom field examples:




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