ER605 Mac Filter IP Binding


ER605 Mac Filter IP Binding

ER605 Mac Filter IP Binding
ER605 Mac Filter IP Binding
2022-09-22 16:03:28 - last edited 2022-09-23 05:50:58
Model: ER605 (TL-R605)  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.0.1 Build 20220223 Rel.68551



based on this thread


take a look at IP-Mac-Binding. USe the Help Button where this function is explained. You can add here any Mac and IP and bind to IP Mac DHCP Address Reservations.
It is not like other Vendors provide a IP Mac Filter but this may help you to limit the access to LAN/WAN for your Devices.
I used a long while the Netgear R7800 where Access Control is much easier and more logical build in to the UI to manage ARP Table and IP Mac Bindings. Nice feature here is to block by default any new MAC Address from any device trying to connect to the LAN. In the ACL you can there is a simple Block Deny Function. I whish to see such similar function in the ER605


@TP-Link Dev, please extend this Function to make Admin Live easier. I'm sure you can :-)

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Re:ER605 Mac Filter IP Binding
2022-09-23 05:51:31

Dear  @ASCDE 


To gather feedback from others, I transfer this thread to the block of "Requests & Suggestions" so that it could be seen by more people.

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