'Hi, Wi-Fi 7' Global Wi-Fi 7 Launch Event Discussion

'Hi, Wi-Fi 7' Global Wi-Fi 7 Launch Event Discussion

'Hi, Wi-Fi 7' Global Wi-Fi 7 Launch Event Discussion
'Hi, Wi-Fi 7' Global Wi-Fi 7 Launch Event Discussion
2022-11-16 05:02:30


Hi, Wi-Fi 7 Global Launch Event Discussion!


TP-Link is joining our global partners in putting on a launch event explaining how we plan to bring the latest in wireless communications to our brands and devices. Wi-Fi 7 is lining up to be one of the most significant jumps in networking technologies, bringing more bandwidth, functionality, and faster speeds to any networking situation.
We look forward to having you join us in learning about the future of Wi-Fi 7 and TP-Link's commitment to bringing the technology to both Home and Enterprise Users everywhere. Leading up to the event, we will be posting more content related to Wi-Fi 7, so make sure to keep an eye on our featured stories.


The Wi-Fi 7 Event Page has also been updated to include an overview below the pinned event replay. If you missed the event, and don't have time to watch; the newest products and features that come with the upgrade to Wi-Fi 7 are also listed in the event overview.



Wi-Fi 7 Event Links:


                             Launch Event Video Replay


                          Event, Product, and Feature Overview


                          Announced Products


                          Press Release for Wi-Fi Product Launch



Blog Posts for Wi-Fi 7 Technologies:




                             320 MHz Channel Width


                             16x16 MU-MIMO


                              Multi-Link Operation (MLO)



Ask Your Questions Below Regarding Wi-Fi 7, HomeShield, or Any Announcement from the Event!


We hope that everyone was able to tune into the event live, as it is exciting to learn how quickly TP-Link is bringing Wi-Fi 7 to users everywhere. It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that TP-Link is the first vendor to release Full Home and Enterprise Wi-Fi 7 Products! The event was full of announcements from all our home networking product lines (Archer, Deco, Aginet) and also included information about the newest features coming to HomeShield in the future.

Best Regards! :) New to TP-Link Community? >>Get Started Here<<.


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