How to connect TL-WA7510N to the same TL-WA7510N ?

How to connect TL-WA7510N to the same TL-WA7510N ?
How to connect TL-WA7510N to the same TL-WA7510N ?
2015-08-31 07:47:50
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Hello folks,

Device Name: TL-WA7510N

ISP: SpidiGO

Country: India

My service provider has put TL-WA7510N device on my terrace and I am accessing internet through it's LAN. Operation mode of the device is "AP CLIENT ROUTER: WISP CLIENT ROUTER".
Just before a few days, I have purchased another TL-WA7510N. So in total I have two same devices. Lets name them as 1 (Device which my ISP provided) and 2(Which I purchased).
Now I have my office very close to my home. So I fixed device 2 at my office location. So it clearly defines my purpose that I want to connect device 2 to device 1 to use internet at my office.
I have enabled Wireless Radio broadcasting and my device 2 is also catching signals and I have completed the process of mac binding and even my device 2 is getting 100 % signal frm device 1. But my internet is not working though.

Little note:- As I mentioned that device 1 is broadcasting wireless signals, I am able to connect my mobile to it and and can easily access the internet. But when I connect device 2. I face difficulties.

So I hope someone to get into this. I will be grateful to you if you guide me in a proper way.

Thank You in Advance. :)
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Re:How to connect TL-WA7510N to the same TL-WA7510N ?
2015-08-31 17:39:06
According to your discription,I think the most possible problem is DHCP conflict.
As you can access to the Internet with mobile,there's no problem on the fore link.
However,when you connect the device 2 to the root AP,stations after device 2 don't know whether to request IP address from device 1 or device 2.
To solve this question,you can turn off the DHCP on device 2 and configure your the client of a Dynamic IP.