TP-Link Network = Speed Issues!

TP-Link Network = Speed Issues!
TP-Link Network = Speed Issues!
2015-12-15 21:46:31
Model :

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version :

ISP : Suddenlink

I have the following equipment.
TP-Link ArcherC9 AC Router V1.0 with the current firmware 4.0.0 Build 20150811 Rel. 57338
2 - TP-Link TL-SG108E V1 with the current firmware 1.1.2 Build 20141017 Rel.50749
Aris SB6183
The issue I am having is that I have a 200mb internet service, and I can only receive 94mb down.
If I connect directly to the modem I can hit download speeds of 222mb.
Here is my network topography.
Modem -> ArcherC9 -> TL-SG108E -> Punch Down Block -> TL-SG108E -> PC. Total ethernet distance is 30 feet.
All cable is CAT5E with a CAT6 connected from the 2nd TL-SG108E to the PC..

When I first connected the system, the TL-SG108E was only showing a link speed of 10MB with a 1M CAT6 factory cable, however I swapped cables and that changed the link speed to 100MF, then I changed that to a CAT5E and it now shows a link speed of 1000MF. I suspect that the TL-SG108E have an issue with CAT6 cabling, is this true?