T2600G DHCP relay to different VLAN

T2600G DHCP relay to different VLAN
T2600G DHCP relay to different VLAN
2017-06-28 03:52:05
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I have pair of T2600G-28 switches (TS & MPS) working with some VLANs.
The thing is that the DHCP server is located on the link, that acts as gateway to Internet.

To limit accessing the internet I defined separate VLAN and untegged some of the ports to allow communication with gateways (two vlans talks to two different gateways).
To allow computers from different lans accesing the DHCP server I tried to setup DHCP relay in TS switch. But none of the received IP address.

To make it warking I had to tag ports where gateways are connected, effetively making DHCP relay unnecesary.
But in this setup I can not manage which port has and which has not given access to Internet.

As reference take a look at this doc:

And lets assume thatTL-R480T+ in port 9 acts as DKCP server.
This means that broadcasted message in VLAN 100 shall by DHCP RElay functionality redirected to VLAN 102.

How to properly configure DHCP relay?
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Re:T2600G DHCP relay to different VLAN
2017-09-01 10:40:14
hey dude, I found this on the tp-link website, I think it can help you do this: