Omada SDN - Professional network solutions of better quality and reliability to a school in Portugal

Customer profile

Company Name: Externato Frei Luís de Sousa
Industry: Education
Number of users: 350 users
Location: Almada, Portugal



Externato Frei Luís de Sousa emerged to suppress the lack of educational establishments in the region of Almada.


Founded on October 8, 1956, the institution was initially linked to Liceu D. João de Castro de Lisboa. Opened with 290 students distributed in the elementary and high school until the 4th grade, with physical separation between female and male students. At the moment, it is a mixed school from nursery to high school.



This institution had a network infrastructure based on Cisco solutions and some signal repeaters from TP-Link. As the number of equipment connected to the wireless network grew, the spectrum of speed and coverage needs within the school perimeter also increased. Knowing TP-Link’s technology, the customer asked the company to design a platform “of better quality and responding to a corporate solution in a school to provide service to teachers and students”.

The TP-Link teams approached the project and faced the main challenge:

To ensure both indoor and outdoor coverage in the various buildings on campus, removing signal breaks and points of lack of coverage.



After a careful analysis of the customer’s needs and the technical imperatives inherent to such deployment, TP-Link suggested an infrastructure based on the Omada SDN platform, which allows centralized cloud management of both the Access Points and the installed Switches.

TP-Link deployed and configured an infrastructure formed by EAP225 (65 units), OC200 (1), TL-SG2210MP (5) and TL-SG2428P (4) .

The configuration that was considered adequate to ensure an assertive response of the needs of Externato Frei Luís de Sousa. Since the client had already used OMADA solutions in the past, there was no need for additional training of those responsible for locally managing the network.


            PoE Switch delivers power to APs


           Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP225




"After the deployment of TP-Link solutions, our teachers and students are benefiting from robust network coverage at all locations of our facilities, and an enviable access speed. Besides, it is very simple to manage the OMADA SDN platform. "
                                                                                                                                                         -------Miguel Nuno Oliveira, Dir. IT do Externato Frei Luís de Sousa








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