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About:My setup: I have an OC200 controller fed from a TL-SG2210P v5.0 8-port PoE Switch, with 100/40 Mbps internet from an ER8411 Omada Multi-WAN Router on the SFP port (wired eth module) (Also have a 50/10 MBps failover ethernet-connected 4G LTE device on the WAN port). My WiFi is via an Omada EAP620 HD AX1800 ceiling AP, PoE fed from the TL-SG2210P switch. My WiFi6 is extended in a distant bedroom by a PoE-connected EAP235-Wall(US), and outdoors via EAP115(EU). I'm accessing the OC200 locally on my LAN from a fixed IP address via a Windows 11 PC. The use is for home, and I have 30-40 client devices connected: about half on WiFi, the rest via the switch at the router and another TL-SG2210P switch in the home office. Configured the router with a WireGuard VPN Server so I can tunnel in from a couple of remote clients.